How to win by sports betting

How can you make money by sport bets? How do you become a successful sports bettor?

Value Bet Concept

If you don’t understand value betting, you can bet on sport and have profit. How you find a value bet check this article.

Basic Maths

There is no need to be math geek, but you need to know fundamentals. Especially you need to learn how to work with odds and with your bankroll. About money management please read here.

Understand How The Bookmakers Make The Odds

Bookmaker knows all bets on particular match. And they need to manipulate with odds in the way to have profit. This is great opportunity for best players and bet against general public opinion. Perfect occasions are massive events like the Super Bowl, Cup finals and major horse racing events are prime candidates.


Still keep your strategy

Don’t let a recent losing streak poison your mind, and throw you off your game.. Similarly, don’t let a recent winning run give you false courage and lead you to overextend yourself. Keep your analysis and stick with your plan.

Avoid Multi-bets

Multi-bets or parlays, are disaster for your bankroll. You are hoping for big score, but meantime you are slowly bleeding.


We know, keeping still the same strategy can get boring. Sometimes you would like to make is interesting and try some parlay or whatever. If you do so, do not expect that you will be long-term winner. Discipline is really important do not underestimate it.

Betting Bankroll

You should have at least in your bankroll 100-200 bets. Your starting bankroll needs to withstand losing streak. So be well prepared.


Bookmaker Portfolio

Bookmakers have different odds, this information is very important. If you mean it with sport betting seriously you should have at least 5 bookmakers in your portfolio. Only then you can pick up the best value bet. In long run difference between odds 1,5 and 1,55 can make from successful bettor looser.

Keep Records

Try to keep spreadsheet tracking of your bets. You can evaluate your bets and learn from it. Without record your betting will less disciplined and more random.

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