What is roulette

Roulette is played by placing bets on numbers placed the roulette wheel, it provides hours and hours of entertainment and high payouts.

One of the most played online casino game is online roulette. The rules of roulette are pretty easy. Everything is about the ball which will rest on the slot of the roullete wheel. Then you are placing bets on numbers, colors (red or black), or odds or evens.

After placing of bets, roulette wheel is spun, and the ball is thrown in to the opposite direction of the wheel spin. There are 37 numbers in French and European roulette versions and 38 in American roulette.

Few important things about playing roulette

On our pages you can find online roulette rules and strategies – but first please have look down for important information about this amazing game.

Are you beginner? So  please always:

  • start with small stakes
  • set you limit for total amount you want to bet
  • start with simple bets, get a feeling for the game


Online or live

If you have opportunity to start online with the smallest bet as is for you possible. You will be at home, calm, without any distractions. You can be fully focused on game, and not play like stupid after few drinks.

Check out our careful selection of the best online casinos.

Online casinos also giving you welcome bonus, so it is really worth it to go online.

How can you start online Roulette?

Please follow these easy steps to playing online roulette:

  • Choose your casino.
  • Register by filling in the simple sign up form.
  • Oh and remember to use the William Hill Casino Club bonus code: ‘xxxx”.

Can You Play For Free?

Of course. There is a ‘play for fun’ mode in online casinos. So you can try it without any deposit of your own money.


Are there any game systems for roullete?

Yes, there are! Please check our articles about the best roullete systems and strategy.

But do not think, that it is working 100%. It is based on mathematics and probability. But there is always chance of luck. First learn how the roullete works, than try for strategies. Almost every player has its own one.

Are there any software for playing roullete

Yes you can find apps or online roullete calculator. But in live game you can not have such a tool, it is possible to have notes, but that’s all. This is another reason why is online roullete better then live.


Like we said, one of the best advantage of online casinos is their bonuses.

Please check out our casino overview for these huge benefits.

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