Top 5 Roulette books

Of course roulette is a game of chance, and casinos have the edge, that’s for sure. But there are roulette systems that can help us to beat the luck factor and win more money

There are many books with Roulette systems which let you win at roulette every time. Believe us this is impossible. But there are ways to help your game and take control of it. Check out our list of top 5 roulette books that you should read.

Top roulette books

R.D. Ellison, Gamble to Win Roulette

R.D. Ellison is the author of this book and he approaches the game with a clear and concise mind. The roulette strategies he discusses are more based on betting strategies, but these can be an invaluable tool to a gambler. He also describes the differences between English and French Roulette and how to use strategies in each. Check the book here.


Marten Jensen, Secrets of Winning Roulette

This is 200 page book on how to beat Roulette. It covers many factors of the game including, betting systems and even cheating, and its history. Read the book here.

Norman Squire, How to Win at Roulette

This is the updated classic masterpiece from 1960, this version is newly revised and published. The 222 pages cover a wide range of systems


Norman Leigh, Thirteen Against the Bank: The True Story of How a Roulette Team Broke The Bank

Thirteen Against The Bank is the must ready, it is not only about roulette systems, but also how looks like live of professional gambler. If is fascinating read about the mindset of the gambler We definitely recommend you check out Thirteen Against The Bank. This book you can get here.

Catalin Barboianu – Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets

Once you will leave Martingale system out of your game, and start thinking about better roulette systems, try this book. This book is about to with mathematics and probabilities that underpin the roulette table. his book you can buy here.

John Patrick – Money Management for Gamblers: How to Maximize your Gambling Profits

This roulette book is essential for proper money management. There are some tips how to bet, but the main topics are about managing your bankroll. John Patrick teaches you how to not go bankrupt, ha to stay cool even when you hit losing streak, and many others topics related to your bankroll. Buy book here.


Christopher Pawlicki – Get the Edge at Roulette

This book is classic masterpiece especially for live games. But even online players should read it. From books above you know how it is with probability, you know how work with your bankroll, and also that progressive betting system is not he proper way how to beat roulette.

This book explaining the physical construction of the tables, showing the best ways of spotting a table with a bias, or picking out a dealer with a predictable spin. This book will not make from you millionaire overnight, practicing is the key, and this book is super tool to take your practice to the highest level. Let´s read this book here.

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