Top 5 poker books

Loads of people are used to ready poker strategy articles on websites. But believe us the best way how to educate yourself are poker books. Of course online couching is perfect, also poker strategy websites are great. But every poker pro is reading poker books, and you should do the same. Let´s look at the really the top ones. And then join us in best poker rooms in the world.

Once more time, these books are essential for every poker player, these books will change you game immediately after reading.

Dan Harrington: Harrington on Hold’em Vol. 1, 2 and 3

These 3 books are the best poker books for beginners. Dan Harrington is a World Champion poker player, and one of the best poker teacher. You can buy this amazing book here.


David Sklansky: Theory of Poker

The Theory of Poker is known as the best all-round poker book ever published. It is not about Texas Hold´em, but there is description of another popular poker games as five-card draw, razz, seven-card stud,  and lowball draw. It is a must-read book for both beginners and the intermediate poker players. Every single poker pro read this book. 

Collin Moshman: Sit ‘n Go Strategy

This is bible for single-table tournaments sit and go (SnG). Beginner or intermediate player must to grab this book. Strategy in there will prepare you also for multi table tournaments. You can buy this must have book here.


Lee Nelson: Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies For No-Limit Hold ‘Em Poker, Tournaments, And Sit-N-Gos

This book was written for intermediate players which are aiming for big tournaments of poker. If you want something for beginners definitely go for Lee Nelsons second book Kill Phil. Buy this SnG essential book here.

Jonathan Little’s Excelling At No-Limit Hold’em

This is the hottest book in actual poker world. Poker pro Jonathan Little together with 17 of the best poker players discuss how to dominate at no-limit hold’em. Another absolutely amazing book you can buy here.

Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch, Jon ‘Pearljammer’ Turner, Jon ‘Apestyles’ Van: Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume I I, III 

This book came like lightning from the clear sky. Book is written by 3 online tournament poker pros. Theirs results are more than impressive, together they have $6,000,000 in winnings, more than 1000 final tables, and more than 35,000 poker tournaments. This book will make you master in online poker tournaments. Strategy are focused on every single moment which can occur during the tournament play: deepstack play, shortstack, bubble, final table, …. If you mean it with tournament poker seriously, go for this book!! Your game will be changed tremendously. This 3 books are really essential for every MTT player, do not miss the opportunity to buy this book. These area rally game changers. You can buy all here.

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