Texas Holdem Rules

There are 52 cards and maximally ten players can participate.

There is “must” bet in the very beginning.  Two first players put on the table so called small and big blind. Player next to dealer will put small blind ($1 in $½ game), and next player will put big blind $2. then dealer deal to each player 2 pocket cards.

1st Round

Now players can place their bets, first is the third person next to the dealer. You have the option to fold, call, bet or raise.


The Flop

After the first bets, the dealer reveals three community cards on the table. Everybody can see these cards, and can use them to build their hands. Hand is composed from your 2 pocket cards, and 3 community cards. The goal is to get the best hand.


The Turn

Another community card arrives on the table. This community card can change strength of your hand Again, you have the option to fold, call, bet or raise. All players have call the highest bet or fold the cards before the game continues.


The River

It is similar situation like on the turn, dealer adds another card on the table. So now player can use 3 cards form 5 common card. Again you can bet, call, raise or fold.



The players who remains in the game reveal their 2 hidden pocket cards. The best hand wins everything.  Can occur situation when players have the same strong hand, in such case is pot split.


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