Sports betting and Randomness

How random are the results of sporting events? Can we use an understanding of randomness to improve our betting?

What is randomness

Randomness is a big part of sports betting. This doesn’t mean that betting is only about luck. But randomness will be here, and cause big losing and also winning streak? Important is information from first sentence – Randomness is a big part of sports betting, and always will. This we need to accept.

People are not prepared for randomness, our brain is built to understand exact logic thing, and with randomness has problems. Main reason is, that we are still looking for some pattern, and randomness has not pattern at all.


How do you know you are actually a winner?

The biggest problem in sports betting is the fact that random events can very much look like non-random events. So you can find after 200 bets, that your betting strategy was correct, and your downswing has been caused by randomness.

How to fight with randomness you can find in this article about value bet.

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