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In this guide you will find the biggest bunch of informations about slots machines. These informations will help you to become slots machine expert. You can also visit online slots FAQ.

So let´s begin. We do not have ultimate formula how to beat online slots machines. Casino has always edge in casino games (except poker and sports betting). But now you will be really educated to play slots machines, because we know that educated gambler will increase his chances of winning.

How slots machines work

A slot machine have spinning reels with symbols on them. And you can place a bet and spins the reels. Symbols land randomly. If these symbols line up, you win prizes based on which symbols you will hit.

First slots machine were mechanical with gears and springs. Modern slot machines use a computer program to determine which symbols land where. This program is  called a random number generator and cycles thousands of numbers per second. When you hit the button, the program stops. These numbers correspond to symbols on the reels, which you see.

Math behind Early Slot Machines

Early slot machines had 3 reels. Each reel had 10 symbols. So odds was for each rel the same 1/10. If we wanted to find odds for catching of line it is 1/10*1/10*1/10. So result is 1/1000 Now it depends how it is with payout. Lots of people thinks that casino taking 90% and 10 leaves to players. But it is vice versa, casino taking only slight amount of money, but in long run, they have profit. Because they are design to return slightly less, that you put in. In our case with early slots machine casino offered 998/1 payout.


Modern Slot Machines

Modern slots have different maths, because it is not limited by mechanics and size of reals. Computer games can he even 20 symbols per reel. And due to mathematical program, casino can play more with frequency of occurrence of particular symbols. That’s why they can offer big jackpots, and still be profitable. In fact in USA 75% of casinos revenue comes from slots.


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Why to play Online Slots

Online slot works in the same way like computers slots in casinos.

But online slots have very nice advantages:

  1. You can play for free money
  2. Higher payback percentages.
  3. And you can play whenever and wherever you want

Free online slot machines

In land based casino you need to pay rent, so the most effective usage of the casino space is essential.


But online casinos do not have this problem. So they can easily offer you try the game for free, find out how it is working, and take advantage from this free lesson. This is very fair approach.

Real Money Slot Machines

Ok, after finding proper slot by trying free game, you would like to play with real money. We are playing slots to have some thrill and action not to just watching fancy pictures with nice sounds. Anyway this is also field where online slots beating land based ones – stunning graphics and sounds. Slots with stories, extra bonus games, video clips, and more…See our casino guide.

But best of all on online slots is that you get  the best payout. Running online casino is much more cheaper than land based one, that’s why online casinos has bigger payout.

Slot Machine Strategy

Check also our special article regrading slots machines strategy. And the basic fundamental is slots machine money management.

But please do not believe other sites with a working strategy how to beat slots. It is nonsense. Slots have negative expectation. Even if payout to players is 98-99% still it is negative. So there is NO WORKING STRATEGY.

But you can influenced your winnings by right decision of choosing the game

For example, it is not good idea to play progressive jackpot games. Yes, it will be perfect to win, and somebody will win for sure, but this jackpots need to be fed firstly. So be careful.

Try to look for games which have the biggest payback percentage. But anyway since this game has negative expectation you should lose everything in long run. Normally the very simple slots with flat top jackpot have biggest payback, too much fancy branded slots usually have payback lower.

Also you should avoid to play slots in airport and bars. They have usually lower playback than casinos.

In summary slots are basically about fun to have short term thrill and joy from the game. You also can play drunk, cause it will be more fun. It is not like poker or sports betting, when you need to be focused all the time.

But please avoid to play regularly slots, you can not beat it in long run. And it can cause gambling problem.

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