Slot Machine Strategy – TRUE STORY

There is no slots strategy

You can find plenty of miracle online slots strategy on the internet. Do not believe them, they are lies and garbage. Slots machines can not be beaten. They are  designed to return less money, than they take in. That’s fact.

Yes you can win bunch of money, that is correct, also this is reason why we are love them. You can hit winning run and take home a lot. But in long term slots will always win. So consider this wisely and do not play it regularly. Slots are perfect sometimes for fun, but not for everyday grinding.


We love loads of things on slots. Thrill, fun, visual and audio effect. We like the variety of games and wagers sizes. But do not looking for slots strategy, slots are just fun game.

Slots are not poker or sports betting.

Slots are not the same like poker or sports betting, you cannot work with probability and players style. Also in roulette we know probability of particular bets. But slots are ruled by software called  random number generator, and it is just randomly generating numbers, which we can see like symbols. So no logic, and no probability. .


That’s why slots should be for you short time game for fun, not full time job like for example poker or sports betting. You can hit winning streak and take home a big amount of money, but in long term you will lose.

But even so, please lets look to this article about Bankroll Management for online Slots, which can tremendously save your money and increasing profit on slots. Another must ready page is slots FAQs, and slots casinos review to help you choose the right one.

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