Progressive Roulette Jackpot

Even though you are playing with 0,1 $/€/£ per spin, you can take home a big win at the roulette table. How? Let´s see.

What is Roulette Jackpot

Progressive roulette is a normal roulette game, but casino puts a big casino jackpot on the line, which you can win by simply playing the game.


Progressive roulette rules: every time when any number comes in a row you are awarded by an additional money. The best is, that there is no need to have placed bet on the winning number. So even if you lost your bet, you can win jackpot. And if the same number repeats five times in a row you win the progressive casino jackpot – no matter the size of your roulette bet.


Very famous progressive roulette is in casino Jackpot City. There is the game called Roulette royal, and it gives away jackpot between 100,000$ – $2,000,0000! It is known that small stakes player named Steven, won amazing $437,815.15 there.

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