How To Be A Professional Sports Bettor

Pro betting is not about 20 matches multibet, which will bring you every week million. Pro betting is hard work, it is about discipline and never ending learning.  Let’s see fee hints to help you become a pro sports bettor.

  • Self Analysis
  • Emotions
  • Strategy And Consistency
  • Money management
  • Mentality

Self Analysis

One of the fundamentals of successful bettors is to keep tracking of wins and losses. To improve your betting skill you need to see your results, and think about it why you won or lost. Successful sport better applying analytical skills to find value bets, and it can be very effectively improved by tracking of your bets.

If you make detailed notes, you can find interesting trends. For example when NHL team is playing more than 2 matches on the road, the third one is 80% loss. Or that you losing lot in Premier League after international break.


You can have the best strategy with the greatest money management. But if you are not controlling your emotions you will go bankrupt. Please read more about emotions vs betting.

Emotional weakness in sports betting is pretty common. For example during the losing streak your want to heal your self with big bet, which you normally never do. On the other hand during your winning streak you feel so big confidence, and make also nonsense bet. These emotional responses can have big influence on your results.

So try to be very sensitive to these emotional weaknesses and try to avoid it as much as possible.


Strategy And Consistency

In previous column you can see how emotions can influence your decision, and you will not follow your strategy, and can lost huge.

Every time try to follow your strategy. Of course your strategy will be still under development based on lots of factor, but you should not slip in the way, that you will bet your whole bankroll on odd 1,1.

Money management

About money management you can ready also here. I think you know, that if you mean it with sports betting seriously you cannot bet just like want: $100 on this bet, $10 on another one, just randomly. You need to have clear betting strategy.

But what have not been written so far, is how should look like you bankroll regarding your expected  weekly wage. This is very interesting information.

So, how big needs to be your bankroll, if you want to take weekly wage $100 from your sports betting account?

If you wish to withdraw $100 a week from your betting account, you need to adjust your betting and staking plan. Let’s assume that your profit will be 5% per bet, so yearly you will win $5200, and your betting turnover will be $104,000.

If you are placing 1,000 bets per year, and you need to have an average win of $104 to achieve the $104,000 in total turnover. For this size of bet, with a recommended betting bankroll of 100 average units, so $10,400.

Betting is investment, so money makes money. Bigger bankroll, bigger winnings.



You need to understand that bookmakers creates odds to take their commission no matter what will be the result. Due to this their odds often not reflecting real chance of outcome. They need to calculate with amount from bettors, and set up odds to be everytime profitable. And exactly this creating opportunity for good bettors, because they can recognize value bets.

So because of this you need to prepare your mentality for this fight with bookies.

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