Poker Table Selection

Very important thing is poker table selection. As beginner you do not want to sit to the table with good players, so please try to choose a proper table.. There are 2 factors which can help you with table selection: players/flop and average pot..

Players/flop factor

This factor showing players  willingness to go on the flop. You should not go every time on flop, there is too much combinations of cards which are basically not enough to go on flop with. So if you see percentage of this factor over 45% at a full table with 10 players, you should not hesitate.  So the rule is higher number is better.

The average pot

This factor is showing willingness of players to bet. Again higher number is better. You just simply cannot make all time big bets. You need to play carefully, because probability can get you. You will never have still good card for betting. So if you see average pot on limit holdem 5-6x bigger than big blind you should take a place.


Please see the image below for a graphical explanation of above mentioned terms.


Let’s look at poker basic guide

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