Paroli Roulette System

What is it Paroli system, and how effective is it? See the answers regarding Paroli roulette strategy below.

The Paroli roulette system is more popular than Martingale. Reason is, that you have chance to win big with small bet. Also lost is not so frustrating, and keeps up positive attitude of players.

The Paroli Roulette System advantage

The Paroli roulette system is a much less risky than the Martingale strategy.

Meanwhile Martingale strategy is based on doubling the bet after every loss, the Paroli roullete system is vice versa – you are doubling your bet after winning. This means that during a longer losing streak, you will not lose bunch of money, like it is with Martingale strategy.

The Paroli roulette system is perfect for taking sigh up bonus offer from casino, and try it.

But how does the paroli system work?

Of course you could also choose inside bets when playing with the Paroli strategy, although it is easier and more typical to go for the very outside bets, such as red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36.

At first you have to decide what kind of starting bet you want to play with every round. If you lose, you will just place the exact same bet again. If you win, you will leave your starting bet plus your win on the roulette layout for the next coup – this is the first progression. If you win once more, you will again leave your bet plus previous winnings. If you keep doing this and continue successfully for a while, the amount of chips will increase quickly.

It’s best to decide before the game starts, how many progressions you want to go for, before you stop and take your winnings. The more progressions you risk, the more you’ll naturally win, but it also makes the losing streak until your next win, much more longer.


An Example of The Paroli System

Let’s look at the example – you bet 1$ on red. If red shows up, you will win 2$. So now you will bet 2$, 1$ is your initial one, 1$ just won. If you win again, you will put on table layout 4$. Or you can take it, and you won 3$. If you lost on next bet, you will lost just your very first 1$, the rest is money of casino.

The now it depends on each player, where is his limit, how far he is willing to go with his luck.

But of course you can be on losing streak, but in comparation with Martingale roulete system, you can lose tremendously less money.

Am I Playing only with casino money?

You can have feeling, that player is using mostly casino capital. For example you are betting 32$, but only 1$ is yours. True is far away from this, you will not be only winning, therefore, some amount of your money casino can have already.

Mathematics behind Paroli system

Here you can see table with chance of winning based on statistics and probability. Table is made for bets with 1:1 payout for example black/red.


Can I win long-term withParoli?

The truth is, that Paroli is much safer than Martingale, but in the long run you won’t be making much of a profit using the Paroli strategy either. Try it and see how it is working in our casinos.

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