Online slots FAQ

Please see answers to some online slots FAQs

How do online slots work?

Historically slots were mechanical machines with spinning reels and symbols. Now they are computer programs called random number generators. You put your money in, spin the reels, and hope for the best.

The odds are designed in such a way the casino has an edge in the long run. It means, that you can hit winning streak, but in the long run you will be loser.


How do you win at slots?

There is no winning strategy, slots have negative expectation so you can not beat it in long run. Slots are completely random, so you can expect of course winnings, but the edge is also with the house. See more  here about slots strategy.

There are only basic advises, how to make playing slots more profitable: avoid slots low payback, do not play in airports, and stick to money management.

Are online slots rigged?

Yes of course, but in different sense you do think about. Slots have negative expectation so you can not beat them in long run. But due randomness you can win huge. And this randomness is real, there is no fake.

So proper answer is: no slots are not rigged. They are transparent, without any additional advantage to the house. Pleas see here the best online casinos with slot machines.



When it comes to online casino games, slots seems to be among our users favorite games. Slot machines are preferred by many users, as it’s possible to win big prizes in a single spin. On our pages you can find articles about the best online slot machines, slot machine strategy, high-roller slots and reviews of the best online slot machine casinos.

But still keep in mind: Slots are for short term fun, not for regular play.

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