Online Payment Methods

Let´s look how it is with depositing and withdrawing

Is it safe to deposit money online?

Yes it is! In general can be said, that it is one of the most safest thing on the internet. But how it is working? How fast is it? Are there hidden fees?

What is online cashier?

All online casinos and bookmakers have an option for a cashier. In cashier you can do cash-ins and cash-outs. Each online casino or bookmaker has a similar banking. The software which is providing deposit and withdrawals is mostly the same. That’s why it is in every casino almost similar, just different graphics. So once you’ve used one cashier, you will know what to do in others casino. Only exception can be in payment method.


How fast is online cash in and cash out

Cash in is instant. In a second your money will land in your gaming platform.

And what about cash out? You will win money, and would like to see it immediately on your bank account. Is it possible? It depends on cash out method. If you use  eWallet, it can take 2 days. 0 day from casino to your eWallet, and then maximally 2 days from eWallet to your account. If you are using credit card, it can be 1-5 days.

What is the eWallet

eWallet is together with credit card most common way of payment. We would highly recommend Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal.


Neteller is going hand in hand with gambling companies. Cash in is instant, and cash out mostly in the same day. For example with Ladbrokes is cash out on the very same day.



Please check out our specials articles for Skrill and Paypal.


You can find there more informations about history and fees.


More online eWallet Options

Click2Pay, MyCitadel, and WebMoney are also commonly used and accepted by most online casinos, bookmakers.

Debit or Credit Card vs eWallet

Most popular is to use eWallet, because it has instant cash in and  the fastest withdrawal, and you cannot have problems with currencies.

However using of credit card is also very popular. It has instant cash in also, but cash out is done between 1-5 days. Wtih cradit card also problems with currencies can occur. For example you will need to create gaming account in dollars, but your bank account will be in different currency, and you will not be able to deposit. On the other hand eWallets take fee for withdrawing money to your bank account. Amount is usually 1-2$, it depends on particular eWallet. Sometimes it is 1% from withdrawn amount.

Can we play online with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is virtual currency, and can be exchange for real money. Now you can also play in online casinos with bitcoins, for example try  Bitcoin Casino.

Privacy and Security Issues

Online gambling is huge money business and needs to be safe and transparent as much as possible. No fault is acceptable. Single mistake can lay down whole casino, because it loses trust. So that’s why there are plenty security solutions from casinos side.

But also casino needs to prevent them self against frauds from players. That’s why they can ask you for ID card or driving license.

What is RTP?

RTP is returns to players. This is percentages of money which are returned back by casinos to the players. For example, if a game has RPT 95%, so player will have from 100$, 95$, and casino taking 5$. Of course this is average value of long term playing. Please all time look for games with RPT above 95%, normally it is 98%.

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