Masse égale Roulette System

The Masse égale roulette system is no progression strategy, and it’s being used on inside bets. Let´s see how successful is this method for casino roulette?

This betting system works on the opposite principle of the the Martingale strategy and Paroli system. The main difference is, that there is no progression at all.

Therefore this strategy is very simple, you are still placing the very same bet.


Betting On Numbers

Since there are no progressions, with Masse égale strategy only makes sense for playing on inside bets, for example, a Street (three numbers on a single horizontal line), a Split (two adjoining numbers, either on the vertical or horizontal), a Straight (a single number) and others.

Why doesn’t it make much sense to play on the very outside bets and using the Masse égale system?

The player is here hoping that he gets more value than is expected. So he hopes that he will have edge on probability. In short term this is possible. From this reason he needs definitely bigger payout than 1:1.

That’s why bets are placed on inside bets.

Single number bets

There is a good chance, that ball will end up on your chosen number. After all, there are 37 slots, and somewhere ball need to rest in. This is also most common strategy how to use Masse égale system – betting on single number. Problem can be that the losing streak can get extremely long. On the other hand we can say, that you hit your number more times in a short term, and you will win big. But in long term, you can not beat probability.


Disadvantages of the Masse égale system

Disadvantage is clear, you can not beat it in long term. This system if we can call it so. Is good to just for fun to put a few times money on your favorite number, and maybe you will have luck. But in long term thanks to zero, you can not beat it.

So if you mean it with the roulette seriously, find your own style. Please definitely try Masse égale strategy in our casions, but we recommend do not use the Masse égale method in long term.

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