Kesselgucken Roulette System

Roulette systems are mostly mathematically based, but there exists also physical version of roulette strategy. Is it even possible to have physical system for roullete game? Player will beat croupier or what?

So what is the roulette strategy Kesselgucken all about? Can we make a bunch of money from this technique?


How does the Kesselgucken system work?

Like we said this is not mathematical system, but physical. Trick is that you are observing the wheel and ball. Key skill is to get a feeling to estimate in which sector of roulette wheel will ball rest.

To have this option you need to place a bet just before player refusal.

Player needs to consider speed of roulette and postion of the ball. For this you need to wait as late as possible, shortly before croupier will say “No more bets please”. With later bet it is easier to estimate, where the ball is going to land.

How to put the bet with the Kesselgucken system

For the Kesselgucken strategy players are making so called ‘French bets’. These combinations cover a series of numbers that are next to each other. So it is certain sector on roulette wheel. There are pre-defined combinations of numbers (for example neighbors of zero, the thirds of the wheel, …). Or it can be one certain number and its 2 neighbors on either side, so a total of five numbers.

The reason for this? The casinos are countering it by increasing the speed of their roulette wheels more and more.


Disadvantage of Kesselgucken

In far past, there were guys who made a lot of money in roulete with this system. But when casinos were starting noticing, they gave to these players bans. Another counter action was increasing of speed of roulete wheel. Also croupiers announce that no more bets can be placed so early. So it is getting almost impossible to estimate the ball landing.

Conclusion is clear go online, and check our casinos.

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