How to play poker

Poker is definitely not game of luck, poker is game of skill. It can be easily proved by many poker professionals. Poker is very nice game, at the first sight it can look very easy. But when you start with this game you can find, that it needs time to master this game. For this reason we have here for you basic poker guide.

We are also strongly recommending buying some poker strategy books.


Let’s look at poker basic guide


How to play poker

Poker is one of the most popular casino games. Especially the online poker grown to huge business. Like you know poker is not game of luck, and here casinos do not have the edge. Casinos take money from buy-ins or rakes. So it is just man on man battle when in long run the better player is winning one. Reason is that there is the high level of strategy involved.On a first sight can be poker easy. Only truth is, that easy are only rules.

But poker is very difficult game, and it needs lot of hard work to master it. Ok, it is not like MMA fighting, but here you need to do also lots of practicing, and in some ways it can be similar with man on man fight. You need to overplay your players, which needs lots of confidence, training, and skill. Here we show you basic rules for poker. But we recommend to buy top 5 poker books.There are many types of poker, we will focus here on the most popular one – Texas Holdem.


How To Play Poker: Basic Rules

If you want to play poker you need to know rules. In poker you are trying to beat your opponents by stronger hand or by bluff. In the beginning each player will receive two cards – pocket cards. Next cards will be 5 common card on the table. These cards are visible for everybody. Then you are building better combination of 5 cards than your opponents. You have to use your 2 pocket cards and 3 common cards.Poker combination picture with probability



Texas Holdem rules

Let´s look at the Texas Holdem poker – the most popular poker version. Texas Holdem can be divided to more types given by betting limits. There is Limit version, No Limit and Pot Limit.When playing Limit Texas Holdem the amount is bet at the beginning of the game.In Limit holdem you can bet just particular amount. In Pot limit holdem your maximum bet is given by pot in the middle. And no limit has just no limit.For beginners is better to start with Limit holdem. Pot limit and no limit is for experienced players. No matter which poker game you chose to play, we guarantee that it will be a wonderful experience. Visit our the best poker rooms and good luck at the tables!

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