How to Bet Without Emotion influence

It’s well known that emotions can help you in betting, but there are more cases, where emotion totally destroy your judgement and let your bankroll on zero.

Emotions in sports betting

It is biologically given that we are feeling first emotions, and after that we use logic. In sports betting or trading we need it vice versa. You will force loads of situation where emotion will force you to do wrong decision. You need to be hypersensitive for these states of your mind. If you will learn to recognize, when is your bet wrongly driven by emotion, so you are not following your strategy. Try use 3 steps below to avoid bad decision. These steps are more for trading, because there you need to make decision in seconds. But also sports bettor can learn here something.



Stop – wait with your reaction. It is known that if you are stressed, you are not able make decision based on all facts. So stop for a while and regain control of your brain.

Take a deep breath.

Deep breathing distract you from the racing of mind.

Seek Informations

The final step, you need to take in mind again all informations, and emotions have to put sideways.

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