Bankroll Management for online Slots

We are gambling, because it is fun, and we can win money. So let’s look how to keep on eye on our budget. Also read important article slots strategy.

Create a win and loss limit

This rule is very easy. Set up loss limit and if you hit it – stop and play next time. The same do for winning streak. But, of course more important is loss limit, because you can go bankrupt with your whole bankroll.

Let’s look at real example. You will deposit $300, and want to play 3 hours. So it is reasonable to set up your loss limit to $100 per hour. And if you hit this limit you will just take a break, and start half an hour later. This break will help you to trick your mind. Because brain can force you to play more and with higher stakes to get your money quickly back. If you take a break, you should play again with logic, and not with emotions.

If you lose everything you need to earn money in different way, and start playing again with money you can afford to lose. And this is another crucial rule.

Never play with money, which you can not lose

I think this is clear. Just imaging that you will start play slots with all your saving and you hit losing run, and lost everything. What will you do then??? So never means never!! Only play with money which you have prepared for fun and gamble.


Chose wisely your limit

The best for beginners are penny slots, you can play here $0,05/spin, there are even slot with $0,1/spin. Mathematics is here clear smaller bets giving smaller wins, but also smaller losses.The opposite rule applies on high stakes games. You can win huge pots, but also you can go easily bankrupt. Go here to find the best online casino.

Everything depends on how deep is your wallet.

Always “bet max.”

Choose your denomination for example $0,01 game, but bet  as large as possible. Larger be bring to larger prizes and more valuable bonus rounds and side games. You should bet as much lines as possible, because only then you can have access to its most valuable jackpots and bonuses.

The simplest games give you the best odds.

Odds or entertainment

In the beginning you need to know, if you looking for the best odds or for entertainment.

There is the rule: simple slots have bigger payout.

So if you are looking for the best odds, you should chose as simple slot as is possible. But if you looking mainly for entertainment play branded slots games. These days are slots full of video clips, bonus games, and progressive jackpots. And since these slots are lots of fun and big entertainment, you need to pay for it. So these slots have smaller payout than more simple ones.


Progressive jackpot slots

Yes, somebody will sure win progressive jackpot and can take home hundreds thousands dollars with single dollar game. The biggest slot machine jackpot came in Las Vegas  and it was $36 million. But these jackpot must be payed by players. So first feeding and then payout. That’s why these slots have  smaller payout. So you can dream about big hit, but we recommend to avoid slots with progressive jackpots.

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